The LIV Method

The LIV Method is more than an exercise program, it’s a way of life. LIV, is an acronym for Longevity, Integrity, and Vitality. These are the guiding principles of our program. We are a health first fitness company with the goal of improving our members overall well-being.


By keeping the long-term success of our clients in mind we are able to develop customized programs that focus on both the needs and wants of our clients. By balancing these two factors we empower our clients to continually make small sustainable changes that allow them to not only look and move better, but feel better too.


Our programs are based on developing a foundation of strength, mobility and balance. We will develop these three attributes while making sure the overall program is tailored to your individual purpose.


We aim to elevate our client’s sense of well being as defined by them. Our method is to designed to improve our clients function both in and out of the gym. Our mission is to help you apply our teachings to your everyday life so that you can find your natural flow.

Through our teachings, we condition small sustainable changes within our client’s’ lifestyle. We take the time to fully understand each and everyone of our clients to customize a sustainable program that is easy to follow regardless of experience or ability. We focus our energy into motivating, nurturing, and progressing our clients into the best possible version of themselves. We empathize with each individual and invest the time necessary to fully understand our clients backgrounds, challenges, and objectives in order to develop effective, actionable solutions.