I feel at the top of my game right now all thanks to the LIV Method!


I woke up one morning feeling worse than usual. In addition to the constant ailments – back pain, neck pain, mild, but annoying, joint pain – I found that I was tired even though I had gone to sleep at a reasonable hour. I thought more about the concept of being tired immediately upon awakening. I was constantly tired, I realized. Tired in the morning. Sluggish in the afternoon. Exhausted at night. I needed to change something. Was it my diet? Was it my fitness routine? Was it my girlfriend? Maybe all three.

I texted a friend to see if he knew of a trainer / anything that might help. He responded almost immediately with a number and an ominous but encouraging, “he will change your life.” I was skeptical. Very skeptical. I arranged to meet Matt in my building for a consultation. From that first session, I knew my friend was right — he really was going to change my life.


An unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.


A fitness program to get him back on his feet.

We started by focusing on lengthening my muscles to restore my achy joints. Again, I was skeptical. After just two sessions, I already felt the pain subsiding. After that I was fully committed. Everything Matt said, I listened to. And that was all it took. Just listening to Matt. As I progressed, so did our routines. Matt started to give me little ‘homework’ assignments: run 20 minutes a day at a pace you can have a conversation at. This was very difficult at the beginning. Now I don’t even warm up at that pace. Matt and I have been meeting twice a week since the middle of January. Waking up in no pain, full of energy has become my norm. Turns out it wasn’t my diet, my fitness routine, or even my girlfriend. It was the way I was LIVing.

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